Cool GoPro Videos to check out on the waterway from our LaBelle and Stuart locations!

ActiveCaptain - The Great Loop Videos from Karen and Jeff Siegel on aCapella, DeFever 53

When we started our Great Loop journey last year, we did something that hadn't been done before - capture the entire Great Loop on video. We mounted a GoPro camera on our flybridge and shot high-definition, time-lapse video through every travel day. We've uploaded some segments through the last year but the holidays gave us the time and high bandwidth internet required to upload the huge amount of video. Now they're all available on a new Great Loop Videos with ActiveCaptain channel on YouTube:

River Forest Yachting Center, LaBelle, FL to Roland Martins, Clewiston, FL

Roland Martins, Clewiston, FL to River Forest Yachting Center, Stuart, FL

River Forest Yachting Center, Stuart, FL to Fort Pierce, FL

All Segments of Trip

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