RFYC Press Release
November 21, 2006


The Clean Marina Certification is the most prestigious and demanding recognition a Florida Marina can achieve. On Friday, November 17, River Forest Yachting Center received the Florida Clean Marina Certification. 

River Forest is only the eighth marina in Martin County, and the 34th in the Southeast District, to win this award..Bill Richards, Environmental Engineer Southeast District, and Tim Rach, Assistant Director of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) presented the award to Joe Charles, Developer, and John Smith, General Manager, during a catered Open House attended by more than 150 customers, friends, and suppliers. 

In his welcoming comments, Joe Charles drew attention to several photographs on display, showing the site formerly operated as a barge scrap yard by Maritime Tug and Barge. He said, “I have to admit the project, now looking more like a condo building in a park setting, pushed the limits.”

Charles confirmed River Forest’s Clean Marina commitment by explaining the “Eco Wash” system, and the use of water based bottom paint products. Vessels are transported to the “Eco Wash” down pad area where the pressure cleaned boat bottom residue runs down a drain where it is collected in a screen. The remaining water is then pumped through a series of filters and reused. The water based bottom paint used at River Forest carries the same guarantees as solvent based paint, but is environmentally friendly.

The Florida DEP, through the Clean Marina Program, awards grants to qualified marinas, and River Forest received such a grant for the installation of the “Eco Waste System” for black water. 

Bill Richards highlighted the stringent guidelines, which must be followed in order for a marina to qualify for the Clean Marina Certification. The facility has met all Marina Environmental Measures, including environmental emergency training for staff and establishing a hazardous spill protection plan. 

Vera Locke, of the Marine Industries Association, praised River Forest on it’s high standard of cleanliness, not just in environmentally sensitive areas, but also in the overall appearance of the building and grounds.

River Forest is a long-term storage facility, with a Hurricane Club, and offers limited services including bottom painting, running gear maintenance, zinc and battery replacement, and gel coat restoration.